In the Bronx of Brussels

Nov 08, 2014 »O.k. go ahead, you gotta film that guy over there« - that's what Jens said only a few moments after we had just reached a quarter of Brussels, where nearly everyone is black.
»Eehm. No.« If we'd do that, he would kill us. That was as clear as daylight. Although - this was the reason, why we were here. Jens luckily didn't insist on filming him.

But we weren't the only ones who wanted to shoot some nice pictures. There was also a team of an african TV station that had the same problems. But then seized the chance to interview Carmen.
After that was done, we could continue shooting anyway. All that effort for a new Carmen Brown music video.

Stay tuned, if you want to see the result.

Having a little snack in Brussels after shooting

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