Don’t miss it: ‘Stereotyp’ @ arte

May 29, 2017 Finally, this week you can watch the documentation series 'Stereoty', which we worked for during the last year, on TV. Ten episodes have been produced, each of them presenting one specific country of Europe. Always looking for stereotypes that people have in mind, when thinking obout that country. The result is a colorful mixture of surprising, funny, impressive, strange and beautiful moments.

The series, hosted by the swiss Rapper Knackeboul, starts today with Great Britain at 4:15 pm, being followed by Italy at 4:45 pm. The next episodes are: France / Germany (May, 30), Sweden / Spain (May, 31), Austria / Netherlands (June, 1st) and Switzerland / Greece (June, 2nd) - always from 4:20 till 5:10 pm on arte. Director and Producer of this series are our friends in Berlin Lilly Engel & Philipp FLeischmann.

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