Oct 07, 2018 Yes, it looks like a vineyard. And that's what it is. But we didn't shoot in black & white as the title may assume. BW stands for Baden-Wuerttemberg, which is a province in Southern Germany. And it's also difficult for German natives to pronounce correctly! The best you can experience here is the wonderful landscape, and that's what we were here for. Although it was hard to concentrate on the work, regarding the beautiful scenery, we were able to shoot some terrific pictures with our drone for a movie that will be displayed in the cinemas next year.

cinema  Drone  shooting

Jul 23, 2017 Although it's midsummer, and thus fantastic weather could be expected, this production has to struggle with bad weather conditions.
I'm on the road again with my friends from movemotions in order to shoot some magnificent footage for the small but lovely amusement park "Fantasiana". When we started filming, the sun was our friend! But after a while ... learn more

austria  imagefilm  Rollercoaster  shooting  videoshoot  work

May 26, 2017 Again I have to thank mov(e)motions to be able to highlight one more spot of places I've visited on the worldmap. This production takes about ten days and teaches us to be grateful for the invention of an air conditioning. Luckily all of the attractions we wanted to film where inside of an indoor themepark or at least situated within a cooled down building. ... read more

Dubai  production  shooting

May 21, 2017 ...would help a lot when struggling with the luggage!

production  shooting  videoshoot

Mar 22, 2017 Have you ever heard of Pellworm?
No, it's not an animal nor something sweet to eat. It's a small, beautiful island in the rough North Sea of North Friesland. Here you can start wonderful walking tours through the Wadden Sea when the water has fled to some other nice places. For the german TV station arte, we accompanied an aged Northman with our cameras, who does this 14-km-tour twice a week. Not only did we learn that walking through the mudland is more exhausting than you might expect. Also we experienced that carrying the equipment on this walk with us (while filming), doesn't make it better!
BUT: We were generously rewarded by astonishing pictures and a muscle ache all over the body.

documentary  production  shooting

Feb 11, 2017 And again a shooting for arte. Since there were missing some statements for the documentary, we were already shooting for during the last year,  this time we went to Dusseldorf to ask some people what they know about ÓÌ∑µç∆∫ ÛıÍπºå. The result are many funny answers that can be used for the documentary.
We still don't know the virgin broadcast of this series. But you can be shure, as soon as we know more, it will be posted here.

documentary  Dusseldorf  shooting

Jan 13, 2017 No. No one's ill. Just shooting in Cologne.

Cologne  production  shooting

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