May 26, 2017 Again I have to thank mov(e)motions to be able to highlight one more spot of places I've visited on the worldmap. This production takes about ten days and teaches us to be grateful for the invention of an air conditioning. Luckily all of the attractions we wanted to film where inside of an indoor themepark or at least situated within a cooled down building.

When I one day started a running workout at 7:00 am it was already something about 30° Celsius, which was way too much. For another workout I got up at 5:00 am to start running around the Dubai Marina at a medium temperature.

But in fact, there are some cold thus cool places in Dubai. For example the "Jaegermeiseter SubZero Igloo" at the Barasti or the pool at the roof of our hotel.

Roof Top

Of course we also had to do some work.

Dubai  production  shooting