What you seed is what you get

So you wonder, how we spent our time during the last year? Well, let's say it like this: Although we tried our very best to chill in the sun, we couldn't manage to get tanned. Maybe it wasn't enough sun last year. But anyway - there was also some work to do. You may find some examples down below

Interview with Dieter Meier from YELLO in Switzerland

Documentation For the arte series "STEREOTYP" we went through half of Europe to find out about characteristics of the nations. The image shows Dieter Meier from YELLO surrounded by the film crew and Knackeboul who hosted this series.

Wildfire at Kolmarden, Sweden

Coaster Videos As an example of the work for our friends from mov(e)motions please take a look at the video of the hilarous wooden coaster "Wildfire" in Sweden.

Interview Shooting with Carmen Brown

Documentation The Soul singer Carmen Brown tells about her music, her feelings and her life. And we accompannied her - showing how she works and lives.

Rebel-Woman - Making Of

Making Of For the shoot of the musicvideo of Carmen Brown's new song »Rebel Woman« we went to an abondoned paper factory, which was the perfect location for this.