Mar 25, 2017 Firstly I thought, this would be like Nerds 'R Us. But after a short while I realized, it was even worse. It was meant to be a workshop for professional drone pilots. But at least half of the participants seemed not to have any experience in flying a drone at all. Luckily all the drones were supported by GPS navigation, so no one had to worry about navigation mistakes. ... learn more

Drone  Dusseldorf

Feb 11, 2017 And again a shooting for arte. Since there were missing some statements for the documentary, we were already shooting for during the last year,  this time we went to Dusseldorf to ask some people what they know about ÓÌ∑µç∆∫ ÛıÍπºå. The result are many funny answers that can be used for the documentary.
We still don't know the virgin broadcast of this series. But you can be shure, as soon as we know more, it will be posted here.

documentary  Dusseldorf  shooting

Mar 30, 2014 The new Dusseldorf flair.familie youth club has arisen. Formerly known as "Internationaler Jugendtreff Pempelfort" and located in a small backyard at the Schirmerstrasse - which was really cozy - it has moved to the hip and pip Marc-Chagall-Strasse, where every Yuppie wants to live.

As the relocation took plenty of time, we not only ... (more…)

documentary  Dusseldorf

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