May 29, 2017 Finally, this week you can watch the documentation series 'Stereoty', which we worked for during the last year, on TV. Ten episodes have been produced, each of them presenting one specific country of Europe. Always looking for stereotypes that people have in mind, when thinking obout that country. The result is a colorful mixture of surprising, funny, impressive, strange and beautiful moments. ... learn more

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Mar 22, 2017 Have you ever heard of Pellworm?
No, it's not an animal nor something sweet to eat. It's a small, beautiful island in the rough North Sea of North Friesland. Here you can start wonderful walking tours through the Wadden Sea when the water has fled to some other nice places. For the german TV station arte, we accompanied an aged Northman with our cameras, who does this 14-km-tour twice a week. Not only did we learn that walking through the mudland is more exhausting than you might expect. Also we experienced that carrying the equipment on this walk with us (while filming), doesn't make it better!
BUT: We were generously rewarded by astonishing pictures and a muscle ache all over the body.

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Feb 11, 2017 And again a shooting for arte. Since there were missing some statements for the documentary, we were already shooting for during the last year,  this time we went to Dusseldorf to ask some people what they know about ÓÌ∑µç∆∫ ÛıÍπºå. The result are many funny answers that can be used for the documentary.
We still don't know the virgin broadcast of this series. But you can be shure, as soon as we know more, it will be posted here.

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Aug 12, 2015 For the SAE Alumni Awards each SAE chapter may participate with one selection in each of the categories "Best Film Production", "Best Music Production", "Best Games Production", "Best Web Production" and "Best Cross Media Production".
This year the chapter Cologne chose our documentation of Carmen Brown, which was presented to the audience in January, for the category "Best Film Production" ... learn more

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Feb 01, 2015 Finally, after three months attending Carmen Brown with a camera to several places, a 20-minutes documentary of her life and her music has come into being. Yesterday, on January 31, 2015 this film was shown along with the music video of Carmens song Raise your soul and of course the video of her brand new song Rebel woman, at which we also were responsible for the photography. Also take a look at the Making Of of it!

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Mar 30, 2014 The new Dusseldorf flair.familie youth club has arisen. Formerly known as "Internationaler Jugendtreff Pempelfort" and located in a small backyard at the Schirmerstrasse - which was really cozy - it has moved to the hip and pip Marc-Chagall-Strasse, where every Yuppie wants to live.

As the relocation took plenty of time, we not only ... (more…)

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