Oct 07, 2018 Yes, it looks like a vineyard. And that's what it is. But we didn't shoot in black & white as the title may assume. BW stands for Baden-Wuerttemberg, which is a province in Southern Germany. And it's also difficult for German natives to pronounce correctly! The best you can experience here is the wonderful landscape, and that's what we were here for. Although it was hard to concentrate on the work, regarding the beautiful scenery, we were able to shoot some terrific pictures with our drone for a movie that will be displayed in the cinemas next year.

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May 17, 2018 It's a long time ago that I had to pass an examination. But since some months it's the law in Germany that you prove your skills with handling a drone, if you wanna do this for a  job. So we went to the north of Germany - to Bremen, where not only the famous Beck's beer is brewed but also the European Flight Academy by Lufthansa is situated. After answering some questions, ... read the full story


Jul 23, 2017 Although it's midsummer, and thus fantastic weather could be expected, this production has to struggle with bad weather conditions.
I'm on the road again with my friends from movemotions in order to shoot some magnificent footage for the small but lovely amusement park "Fantasiana". When we started filming, the sun was our friend! But after a while ... learn more

austria  imagefilm  Rollercoaster  shooting  videoshoot  work

May 29, 2017 Finally, this week you can watch the documentation series 'Stereoty', which we worked for during the last year, on TV. Ten episodes have been produced, each of them presenting one specific country of Europe. Always looking for stereotypes that people have in mind, when thinking obout that country. The result is a colorful mixture of surprising, funny, impressive, strange and beautiful moments. ... learn more

documentary  production  tv

May 26, 2017 Again I have to thank mov(e)motions to be able to highlight one more spot of places I've visited on the worldmap. This production takes about ten days and teaches us to be grateful for the invention of an air conditioning. Luckily all of the attractions we wanted to film where inside of an indoor themepark or at least situated within a cooled down building. ... read more

Dubai  production  shooting

May 21, 2017 ...would help a lot when struggling with the luggage!

production  shooting  videoshoot

Mar 25, 2017 Firstly I thought, this would be like Nerds 'R Us. But after a short while I realized, it was even worse. It was meant to be a workshop for professional drone pilots. But at least half of the participants seemed not to have any experience in flying a drone at all. Luckily all the drones were supported by GPS navigation, so no one had to worry about navigation mistakes. ... learn more

Drone  Dusseldorf

Mar 22, 2017 Have you ever heard of Pellworm?
No, it's not an animal nor something sweet to eat. It's a small, beautiful island in the rough North Sea of North Friesland. Here you can start wonderful walking tours through the Wadden Sea when the water has fled to some other nice places. For the german TV station arte, we accompanied an aged Northman with our cameras, who does this 14-km-tour twice a week. Not only did we learn that walking through the mudland is more exhausting than you might expect. Also we experienced that carrying the equipment on this walk with us (while filming), doesn't make it better!
BUT: We were generously rewarded by astonishing pictures and a muscle ache all over the body.

documentary  production  shooting

Feb 16, 2017 Remember the good old Canon EOS 5D Mk II? It was a Milestone! Never before have we seen such an amazing image quality in movies that were shot by a DSLR. Now, some years later, its big brother - the 5D Mk IV - arrived at our office. And because we're already pretty familiar with shooting with the MK II, working with the new Mk IV goes even better. Canon has put many improvements into it, and so we are looking forward to shooting new videos quickly.

Find a list of it's features at the official Canon EOS 5D Mk IV website.

equipment  work

Feb 11, 2017 And again a shooting for arte. Since there were missing some statements for the documentary, we were already shooting for during the last year,  this time we went to Dusseldorf to ask some people what they know about ÓÌ∑µç∆∫ ÛıÍπºå. The result are many funny answers that can be used for the documentary.
We still don't know the virgin broadcast of this series. But you can be shure, as soon as we know more, it will be posted here.

documentary  Dusseldorf  shooting

Jan 13, 2017 No. No one's ill. Just shooting in Cologne.

Cologne  production  shooting

Oct 23, 2015 Although it looks like a timebomb or something, this construction is very harmless. What you see here is: four batteries beeing loaded for flight tests with our gopro-drone. Some adjustments are necessary, so we need full batteries with maximum power. In the middle you find the charger where the batteries are connected to. The tanks below contain nothing important - really!

Drone  tests  timeline

Aug 12, 2015 For the SAE Alumni Awards each SAE chapter may participate with one selection in each of the categories "Best Film Production", "Best Music Production", "Best Games Production", "Best Web Production" and "Best Cross Media Production".
This year the chapter Cologne chose our documentation of Carmen Brown, which was presented to the audience in January, for the category "Best Film Production" ... learn more

Awards  documentary

Mar 03, 2015 This is one of our favourite meals. It's being prepared within less than an half hour and tastes fantastic. If you like it hot - as we do - then you'll love this. If you don't... Well, then just leave the flask of tabasco in the supermarket and try it without the liquid fire. For those milksops of you, that's fantastic as well. ... Here's the best recipe for this


Feb 01, 2015 Finally, after three months attending Carmen Brown with a camera to several places, a 20-minutes documentary of her life and her music has come into being. Yesterday, on January 31, 2015 this film was shown along with the music video of Carmens song Raise your soul and of course the video of her brand new song Rebel woman, at which we also were responsible for the photography. Also take a look at the Making Of of it!

documentary  premiere

Nov 08, 2014 »O.k. go ahead, you gotta film that guy over there« - that's what Jens said only a few moments after we had just reached a quarter of Brussels, where nearly everyone is black.
»Eehm. No.« If we'd do that, he would kill us. That was as clear as daylight. Although - this was the reason, why we were here. Jens luckily didn't insist on filming him.

But we weren't the only ones who ... Learn more

belgium  foreign  music video  videoshoot

Aug 27, 2014 It's like visiting a collection of unusual instruments rather than sitting in a studio. But that's what it is.
Carmen is hanging on a chair behind a computer while Tim is playing some fat bass riffs. The glasses I wear are from Carmen'a outfit for her second band project 'Gato Preto' - 'black cat', but I can hardly see anything through them. But anyway. That's not necessary at the moment. My camera is at fixed position and whilst them recording that fantastic bassline, I'm discovering more and more stuff.
Let's see if there's also an awesome hat to be found. :]


Mar 31, 2014 This is super hightech: Coming with motion- and acceleration sensor as well as GPS-navigation this drone carries easily a GoPro camera. Its small size makes it perfect for action shoots and since you can fold it, it's easy to take it to every place you want.
Right now, there are still some test flights to do - in order to optimize the handling of the drone itself and to configure the movement correction of the camera gimbal. Although we have to say, it's almost pretty good.

Stay connected to see the further progress.


Mar 30, 2014 The new Dusseldorf flair.familie youth club has arisen. Formerly known as "Internationaler Jugendtreff Pempelfort" and located in a small backyard at the Schirmerstrasse - which was really cozy - it has moved to the hip and pip Marc-Chagall-Strasse, where every Yuppie wants to live.

As the relocation took plenty of time, we not only ... (more…)

documentary  Dusseldorf

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